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Science Safari Inflatable Adventures was founded in 2006 by an elementary physical education specialist due to poor service  and high prices charged by the large inflatable companies in central Ohio. The company's mission was to provide high quality field days and summer camps to elementary schools at reasonable prices with excellent service.  The founder recently retired from teaching and relocated out of state, but sold the business to Hilliard Inflatables on January 1, 2013.
Hilliard Inflatables still operates as Science Safari Inflatable Adventures, and still believes in and promotes the initial mission.
Large Inflatables


Bounces and Slides


We have two inflatable bounce houses ("Tiger Belly" and "Underwater Adventure") as well as two inflatables that are combinations of slides and bounces ("Gator" and "Safari Bus").  They are designed to hold 4-6 people at a time.  

Sports Inflatables


These inflatables are designed for participation for people of all ages.


We have four sports-themed inflatables and deliver and setup at your location.  As with the bounce houses, it is your responsibility to identify needed underground power lines (if outside) or appropriate electrical connections (if inside).




Games and Flair


We have an amazing number of games for kids. They are too numerous to mention completely here, but include:


*  Monster Soccer                       *  Big Foot

*  Tug of War                                *  Frog Hop

*  Sack Races                              *  Comet Balls

*  Boomerangs                            *  Spider Ball

*  Horseshoes (for children)     *  Flickin Chicken

*  Frisbees                                    *  Frog Launchers

*  Giant Twister                            *  Cornhole

*  Hopparoos


We also have a large number of event flags which can be used to make your event more festive.

If used inside, you must provide electric power adequate for our purposes.  We reserve the right to cancel in the event of inclement weather or other safety concerns.  We will setup your inflatable and will have a person on-site at all times to ensure the safety of the participants.  Hilliard Inflatables reserves the right to shut down the inflatable in the event that participants become unruly or refuse to follow instructions which might jeopardize the safety of the participants or cause potential damage to our inflatable.


Inflatables will not be rented or setup without a signed contract in place.  Payment in full is required upon setup.  There are no refunds unless there is a mechanical malfunction that is not the fault of the renter.  Sports Inflatables can be left at your location without our supervision, however, if damaged while in your possession Hilliard Inflatables will hold you responsible for any damages incurred.


Our inflatables are fully insured and inspected annually by the State of Ohio, as required by law.

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