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Description of Camps



All activities will incorporate team-based games, with discussions emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, caring, and honesty.


Games will include, but not be limited to, kickball, soccer, hockey, dodgeball, foot races, and Frisbee.  Time will be allowed for games that the campers choose to play.  Friday will be a field day, with games, sports inflatables, and some combination of inflatables such as bounce houses, obstacle course, or bounce/slide combos.



Activities will include games from the present and games that mom and dad played when they were kids.  Capture the Flag, bowling, horseshoes, sack races, tug of war, kickball, dodgeball, Giant Twister, cornhole, racquetball, golf, Simon Says, Marco Polo, Pickle, soccer, Frisbee, and monster soccer.  Will also have sports inflatables (soccer and t-ball).  Friday will be a field day, with games and inflatables (bounce houses, obstacle courses, or slide/bounce combos).



Every kind of game you can imagine--soccer, baseball, hockey, dodgeball, golf, Frisbee, bean bag toss, bowling, kickball, among many others.  Sports inflatables of all kinds (basketball, T-ball, soccer, and football) are also included, as well as an inflatable bounce/slide combo.  Friday will be a field day.



The focus will be on teaching age-appropriate skills for baseball, soccer, hockey, soccer, hockey, basketball, bowling, and volleyball.  Campers will play a game of their choice every day.  Friday will be a field day.  Inflatables will include an obstacle course, a bounce house, or a bounce/slide combo.

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