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Summer Sports and Game Camps

If you think Hilliard Inflatables is all about bounce houses/slides/obstacle courses and other inflatable devices for kids, you would be wrong. HI has been hosting weeklong summer camps involving games and sports activities for quite a few years at Wellington and Columbus Academy.

In 2015, HI is bringing these camps to St. James Lutheran Church!

Yes, there are inflatable devices which are incorporated into these camps.  But there are also activities which involve sports and games offered which ensure children ages 6 to 10 will have an incredibly active and enjoyable summer experience.

Our camps include the traditional sports activities (soccer, street hockey, and baseball), traditional games (dodgeball, kickball, Frisbee to mention only a few), as well as other non-traditional games we have created.

It's not about winning or losing--it's about having fun, being safe, and being exposed to a lot of new activities. Camp instructors will include people with teaching credentials and experience at camps for kids.

We look forward to bring our Monster Sports, Games Galore, Games Past and Present, and Sport Builds Character camps that we have successfully run for years to St. James Lutheran Church in 2015!

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