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Hilliard Inflatables is excited to announce this fantastic opportunity for your organization to raise money!


This event is designed to be done on a Saturday, preferably from 10:00 to 4:00. Your personnel will need to be on site by 8:00 so that they can perform the set-up of all inflatables by 9:30. This allows for any state inspectors to examine the inflatables if they wish before the event begins. Your personnel will then monitor all inflatables from 10:00 to 4:00. After the completion of the event, they will tear-down the inflatables. We estimate this will require approximately 80 people-hours from your organization.


What does your organization need to provide?


  • Your organization must be a non-profit organization recognized under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, OR your group must be affiliated with a school or church, i.e., an athletic or music booster group.

  • A location large enough to accommodate six large inflatable devices and up to six smaller inflatables, with sufficient nearby parking facilities.

  • People to set-up the inflatables, supervise the inflatables while the event is occurring, and tear down the inflatables afterwards.


Hilliard Inflatables will provide the following:


  • All bounce houses and inflatable devices. Bounce houses and other inflatables that require people to actually get on will have been inspected and licensed by the state of Ohio.

  • Liability insurance that covers your group and the property owner during the event.

  • People to supervise all aspects of the event, including collection of money.


How much will your group receive for their efforts?


Assuming you fulfill all of your obligations, your group will receive 50% of the gross proceeds of the event. Hilliard Inflatables will receive 50% of the gross proceeds as well.

In addition, if your group wants to run a food booth or some other type of fundraiser as part of the event, you will get all of the proceeds from this.


Contact Dennis Williamson at if you need more info.

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